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Grape Fruit


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Grape Fruit develops a large central bud and some orbital or peripheral branches .

From the mountains of Canada , becomes the intoxicating essence of 80. Quite a choice when what prevails is the taste.

Little branched plant since its inception, with strong main stem will not need reinforcements. Presents moderate medium sized leaves . The flowers show lots of hairs of bright orange . Develop a large central bud and some orbital or peripheral branches .

His legend differs according to sources. Some say it comes from backcrosses of Jack Herer . Other that is the result of the combination of NL x Skunk1 x Afghani . We doubt heavily on these indications , as there are some similarities to their ancestors. This still makes it more special , unique and valuable original clone. We chose unanimously reproduce this genetic primarily by smell , taste and quality of the final product . The unique organoleptic characteristics that owns this original clone should not be lost or diluted , so it is decided to use the technique known as Inbreeding or selfing and keep your interest intact and unaltered organoleptic characteristics with a seed Original elite clone S1

SMELL : Heady and gooey , in that order. Her perfume love to neophytes and graduates in the field.

TASTE : powerful combination of citrus fruits , predominantly bitter taste , hence its name.

EFFECT : Amazing. Feeling euphoric and active with subtle connotations of sativa .

In outdoor crops in the warmer locate and exposed to sunlight areas , besides ensuring good ventilation. So avoid the appearance of his weakest point , powdery mildew . To combat this , you should use sprays ponytail and / or red thyme. In severe attacks using prodimenol25 .

GattungPredominantly Indica
Blütezeit indoor45 bis 55 Tagen
Erntezeit outdoorAnfang Oktober
AnbauInnen / Außen
Ertrag450 gr/m2
LinieGrapefruit Elite Clon
medizinischer WertMittel

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