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Afghan Kush

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Afghan Kush - 1 seed € 9.00 x seed
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We bring to you this Indica Kush, a lineage that has produced many champion strains, from the Hindu Kush mountain range in Northern Afghanistan. This particular strain grows wild in the valleys of the Armu Darya River, which forms the border between Tajikistan and Ukbekistan.

100% pure Indica strain. As different wild Kush varieties grow side-by-side in such a relatively small area, this very stable, is probably the result of multiple interbreeding. A very special hash taste and smell, she’s a very compact and hardy plant. Owing to her potent, relaxing effect, which is not at all cerebral, Afghan Kush is a pure strain with a very high medicinal value.

Genotype100% Indica
Maturation(Interior)from 55 to 60 days
Maturation(Exterior)late September
FlavorNoble wood
Way of croppingInd/Out
Production500 g/m2 Indoor | more than 800 g/pl Outdoor
Resistance to moldHigh
Pest resistanceHigh
LineageAfghan Kush
BHO Performance20%
Irrigation toleranceHigh
Medicinal ValueVery high

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Call Me Ishmael (04/12/2022)
Excellent product! I popped one bean on my first try. Vegged for 30 days, took 3 clones; I chose very small clones for outdoor (privacy reasons), rooted them and set them outside early August in 2 gal pots; the mother flowered indoors in a 10gal pot. Mostly water only feeds with occasional tea and top dressing.
Outdoor clones harvested mid October; ~3 oz each. Mother produced about 6-7 oz (did not weigh it honestly).
Both mine and my patients' current favorite smoke. Very smooth and flavorful, extremely odorous, like a punch to the face. Strong high that starts in the head and drips down to a very relaxed stone. Great for joint and muscle pain and headaches. Does not give me couch lock, but I do become lazier after a few tokes and helps me fall asleep.
Dyeman (10/11/2016)
Germ in distilled water 24h, then 2"peat pot (peat and 10 gallon pot using FF-Ocean Forest full strength) then 10 gallon pot indoor (outdoor seed 6" peat pot for 3 weeks before planting ) outdoor in ground 1st week of May in Colorado foot hills. Indoor lights 2-600 watt MH/HPS 24hours x 6 weeks Veg, and 12/12 for 8 weeks flower awesome , earthy, rock hard sticky buds 6oz dried OUTDOOR OMG!!! Harvested at the 2nd week of October . Got 30 Oz dried flower from this beauty. AMAZING
americo (27/09/2015)
Muy buena planta grande y que con los últimos días de floración con frio se puso de color morado preciosa ademas huele muy intensa, muy contento con ella, por cierto ya os envié unas fotos de ella, saludos