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Moby hash 5 seeds

Moby hash 5 seeds - DINAFEM SEEDS

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Dinafem seeds MOBY HASH feminized

MOBY HASH The sister plant to MobyDick, showing many similarities. Due to sativa dominance, its main features include fast growth, vigour in all kind of situations, mould resistance, pine taste, high strength and an active and strong effect. Moby Hash produces more than its sister plant thanks to its cross with the California Hash Plant which raises productivity. It grows a lot, needing a good supply of fertilizer to maintain strong development. It also needs plenty of light and water. Light is a crucial factor, particularly indoors, and it is essential to use 600 w per square metre to reach full potential. Height increases significantly during flowering, which should be kept in check depending on available indoor height.

Flowering lasts between 60 and 70 days, producing large main buds with protruding calyxes similar to the California Hash Plant but fatter and shorter with an enormous resin production. The trichomes are long, sativa like, with an unmistakeable and familiar aroma of pine and wood. It is very strong, with a strong, intense and active effect, with a more physical come down, lasting quite a long time due to the high THC concentration, which can reach 20%. Outdoors it is a great producer, thickening out to reach an impressive size, towering over its sister plant.

Genotypesativa-indica, mainly sativa
THC16% - 20%
Maturation(Interior)from 60 to 70 days
Way of croppingInd/Out
ProductionVery high
EffectEnergetic, very durable
LineageHaze / California Hashplant.

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