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Have you heard of THCV? This novel cannabinoid, and close cousin of THC, interfaces with the endocannabinoid system in a unique manner. Royal THCV offers equal parts THCV and THC—a balance that gives rise to an energising, subtle, and uplifting high. Smoke or vape this strain when you have a busy day ahead for added motivation and creative flare. Royal THCV: Enjoy a Rare Cannabinoid As one of the most unique cultivars in our catalogue, Royal THCV offers something that most other varieties lack: high levels of novel cannabinoids. More specifically, this strain packs an abundance of THCV, a close cousin of THC that interfaces with CB1 and CB2 receptors throughout our body. Royal THCV: The Progeny of Durban Haze But how does Royal THCV bear such a different cannabinoid profile to other varieties? It’s all down to genetics. By crossing a pure African sativa with the legendary powerhouse Durban Haze, Royal Queen Seeds breeders managed to tease out high levels of THCV in the progeny. This gave rise to a strain with a genetic profile of 95% sativa and 5% indica. Aroma, Flavour, and Effects of Royal THCV Royal THCV contains a cannabinoid profile consisting of 7% THC and 7% THCV. This blend provides an uplifting, creative, and subtle high perfect for days when you need some extra motivation. Tastes of earthiness, herbs, and fruit augment this pleasant mental state. Growing Characteristics of Royal THCV Royal THCV preserves many of the growth traits of its African sativa parent. Hence, this strain grows really tall during its vegetative phase and loves to stretch as it starts to flower. We recommend growing Royal THCV outdoors in large, open spaces, where she can stretch to her heart's content and reward you with immense harvests. If you're growing in a tent or room, however, consider flipping Royal THCV to 12/12 around 1–2 weeks earlier than normal, and employ regular pruning, defoliation, and training to control her growth.

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