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CBD LEMON AID - The Original Sensible

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CBD LEMON AID - 1 seed
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An exclusive collaboration between CBD Seeds and Original Sensible Seeds. By crossing old school Lemon Skunk genetics and enriching them with the CBD powerhouse of One to One, we've produced these exclusive CBD Lemon AID seeds which have exceptional medicinal properties. This is hybrid vigour at it's best. After a short flowering period of 55 to 65 days, CBD Lemon AID produces buds with a mix of vanilla and citrus flavours which is refreshing, uplifting and oh so delicious. Lemon Skunk brings a delightful flavour coupled with all that skunky power whilst CBD One to One brings the medicinal therapy. It’s like smoking your best medical marijuana but with the taste of sheer joy. In fact, CBD Lemon AID has even turned some cannabis oil users back to smoking after 20 years without doing so due to her beneficial properties. Buds grow thick and resinous and crops are heavy ensuring a lavish crop of therapeutic medication. Even recreational smokers who don't usually go for CBD strains have reported that they love the aroma and taste of CBD Lemon AID coupled with their perfect THC:CBD ratio. Low THC and high CBD mean that growing cannabis from this strain ensures all that incredible medicinal therapy is delivered without any of the psychoactive effects that may cause problems for some self medicators. But with CBD Lemon AID weed seeds, it is possible to enjoy relief from stress, pain, nausea, anxiety and depression. CBD Lemon AID seeds are for people who enjoy that old natural feeling of cannabis which leaves you with a blissful smile melting on your face that burns straight to your soul and leaves you happy, a little giddy and totally relaxed. This means CBD Lemon AID can be used throughout the day without negative side effects like couch lock, racing heart/heart palpitations and you can maintain your daily activities with a smile on your face and a clear head.

CBD Seeds One to One: 1st prize CBD Masters - 2014 Cannabanoid Masters Tournament,
Sample tested at 14% CBD,
Cannabanoid profile by Alpha Cat at Spannabis 2014.

Tempo Maturazione Interior da 55 a 65 giorni
Tempo Maturazione Exteriorfine settembre
RitaglioInterno / Esterno
LignaggioLemon Skunk x One to One
Valore medicinaliAltissima

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