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KRAKEN - 10 Seeds
70,00 €
70,00 €

A hybrid developed Indian thinking mainly power and production with a branched structure. Its dense, compact and gigantic Kraken buds make an overly productive variety of fresh flavor and almost minty.

It is ideal for growers looking for maximum power and is also perfect for those who pursue profitable crops and for that depend on large productions.

Remarkably strong, demolishing and forceful puff, which accompanied its extreme length, places Kraken as a variety Indic to consider,

Monstrous in all its aspects

Environment Indoor/Outdoor
Gender Feminized
Genetics Hybrid
Cultivation time 58 - 63 days
Production m² 500 gr
Outside production per plant 500 gr - 1.5 kg
Taste Fresh and almost menthol. Smoke is cool and dense.
Effect Durable high effect
Tiempo de cultivo 58 - 63 días
Producción m² 500 gr
Producción en exterior por planta 500 gr - 1.5 kg
Sabor Fresco y casi metolado. Humo fresco y denso.
Efecto De colocón duradero.

Tempo Maturazione Interior da 55 a 65 giorni
Tempo Maturazione Exteriorfine settembre
RitaglioInterno / Esterno
Produzione500 gr/m2 indoor | up to 1500 gr/pl outdoor

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