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Eleven Roses Auto

Eleven Roses Auto - DELICIOUS SEEDS - автоцветущие СЕМЕНА

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Название товара Цена Кол-во
Eleven Roses Auto - 1 seed € 11.00 x семя
11,00 €
Eleven Roses Auto - 3 seeds € 10.00 x семя
30,00 €
Eleven Roses Auto - 5 seeds € 9.40 x семя
47,00 €
Eleven Roses Auto - 10 seeds € 8.50 x семя
85,00 €
Eleven Roses Auto - 25 seeds € 7.48 x семя
187,00 €
Eleven Roses Auto - 100 seeds € 648.00 x семя
648,00 €
11,00 €

Delicious Seeds' best-selling strain since 2017 deserved its autoflowering version, and after three years of working on it, Eleven Roses Auto is here to stay.

This is the first seed to combine automatic genes from the Bay 11 strain. But to better understand the success of one of the most successful and desired automatic strains in the world, all you have to do is take a look at the lineage this iconic plant comes from.

Eleven Roses mixes the characteristics of Sugar Black Rose and Bay 11. The first (which is already winning 50 awards worldwide) comes from Critical Mass and Black Domina 98; while the second has its origin in the Appalachia and Ken's Kush strains.

Returning to the automatic strain of Eleven Roses, the crossing of the non-photodependent genetics (Sugar Black Rose and Bay 11) has been carried out by ordering one by one, in each crossing, the genetic characteristics that have made Eleven Roses a unique specimen in indica genetics for their genuine flavor. The autoflowering strain retains this feature, but after the elaborate work, Eleven Roses Auto has its own characteristics:

This non-photodependent plant, with a medium structure and easy cultivation, is characterized by its resistance to fungi and pests. Indoors, Eleven Roses Auto develops without too many branches, and usually ends up with a very dense and uniform bud. Outdoors, however, it develops very vigorously, producing a large number of lateral branches. It ensures excellent performance, as it easily reaches 200 grams of production. Yes, on one floor.

The tonalities that it presents in the flowering phase, as you can see in the photo, are incredible. These leaves are reminiscent of the autumn days of the great forests of the north, the truth that has captivated us.

But the peculiarities of Eleven Roses Autoflowering also come to its taste. This new strain provides a new palette of nuances, aromas and flavors. When it burns, you will feel a very characteristic Kush-metallic aroma that in a few seconds gives way to two soft nuances: sweet fruits and petrichor that will not leave lovers of autoflowering genetics indifferent.

Генотип30% Sativa - 60% Indica - 10% Ruderalis
От посева до сбора урожая60-70 Дней
ВкусСладкий плод
Путь обрезкиIndoor / Outdoor
производство500-550 g/m2 Indoor | 150-200 g/pl Outdoor
ЗапахОчень высокая
Сопротивление плесениОчень высоко
Устойчивость к вредителямОчень высоко
ПолFem Auto
СкрещениеSugar Black Rose x Bay11
Толерантность орошениявысокий
Лекарственное значениевысокий

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