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                                                                                                                      THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF TERPENES                              

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Buy this 3 strains together and get a 25% discount over the unitary  price

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Billete marcado con texto cannábico.


This law will take effect until April 1, 2013 from which the posession of one ounce of marijuana will not a crime.

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Challenge the Government of New Zealand, placing a marijuana vending machine


Some supporters of legalizing marijuana in New Zealand, have challenged the authorities with the placement of a vending machine of cannabis in a club in Auckland at a price similar to the black market.

The device is similar to machines sold "grass" for medicinal purposes in California and where the price of a gram of marijuana rises to 20 New Zealand dollars (about 12.3 euros).

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Another tasty and easy to make recipe using marijuana butter! Garlic bread is the ideal accompaniment to any Italian dish like pasta, lasagna or canneloni. Eat slowly then settle down for a nice long nap.

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Smells like marijuana in the Million Dollar Hotel. This building and its signal remind us that movie by Win Wenders and U2.

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