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HASH PLANT: 10 seeds


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  • Purchase HASH PLANT: 10 seeds

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Vulkania Seeds HASH PLANT feminized seeds

Hash Plant can be considered to be a major producer of resin.
This incredible variety is medium size plant with few branches, the entire production focused on the main stem forming very compact homogeneous “colas” from the base. These characteristics makes it an ideal candidate for growing indoors using Sea of Green gardening techniques.

The Hash Plant produces high volumes of buds thanks to the short distance of the inter-nodes, this allows it to support an enormous flower production. It also has a very low leaf to flower ratio also adding flower density.

It is an easy plant to grow, it does not need a high amount of attention from the gardener, and so miraculously produces high yields for very little attention.
Another  key charecteristic of this variety is that it also produces trichomes on the plant stems, as well as on the leaves and flowers.

Hash Plant is a great strain for the medicinal cannabis user, it gives a deep relaxing narcotic effect, adding sleep and pain relief.

Indoor growing period 12-14 days

Package 10 feminised seeds.

Maturation(Exterior)Automatic (45-55 days)
Way of croppingInd/Out
Production350-400 grs/m2
LineageOld Skool Shiva

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