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Titan'S Haze - 10 seeds

Titan'S Haze  - 10 seeds - Flying Dutchmen

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Titan's Haze by Flying Dutchmen is a very potent, Haze dominant strain, perfect for a breeding project with Fuma Con Dios or The Original Haze. The tables are turned, our 25% T.H.C. Skunk #1 mother, crossed with our pure Original Haze father. A very potent haze variety! Regular strain Can be grown outside in a normal warm, sunny climate with a long summer Long flowering period: 70 - 100 days Heavy yield 70% Sativa
Genotype70% Sativa
Maturation(Interior)more than 90 days
Way of croppingInd/Out
LineageSkunk#1 x Original Haze

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