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CBD Critical 47


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CBD Critical 47 - 1 Seed
12,00 €
CBD Critical 47 - 5 Seeds
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Perfect combination of these two families never merged , by the previous work developed by CBD crew.

Maintains the productive capacity of our champion . It grows like a sativa but with typical dense indica buds . Recommended the use of tutors to support the weight of the lining of flowers. Excellent for pain relief . Sweet on the palate and very fragrant .

Maintains its initial vegetative structure similarities sativa, leaflets and thin stems . But already in bloom show his accelerated speed with dense and heavy flower clusters. high and low internodal branching away , so large specimens require pruning branches surplus.

Perfect combination of these two never merged , by the previous work developed by CBD crew families.

SMELL : skunky light background with mix of new and more subtle nuances unnoticed .

TASTE : citrus bouquet with notes of caramel acid but not as explosive as its critical47 descent .

EFFECT : c characterized by a high concentration of CBD . The CBD is not psychoactive but psychotropic, so its effect acts at physiological levels, with all the virtues that entails.

INDOOR : requires proper supplementation of nutrients for their maximum production and expression.

OUTDOOR : specimens of medium size or large require tutors for stability. Advised maximum sun exposure for optimal production of cbd .

Blütezeit indoor50 bis 55 Tagen
Erntezeit outdoorEnde September
AnbauInnen / Außen
Ertrag500 gr/m2 Indoor | 400-600 gr/pl Outdoor
Resistenz gegen SchimmelMittel
LinieCBD Elite Clon X Critical 47
medizinischer WertSehr Hoch

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