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Tonic Ryder

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Tonic Ryder - 1 seed € 8.00 x samen
8,00 €
Tonic Ryder - 3 seeds € 7.00 x samen
21,00 €
Tonic Ryder - 7 seeds € 6.00 x samen
42,00 €
Tonic Ryder - 12 seeds € 5.00 x samen
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Tonic Ryder - 25 seeds € 4.00 x samen
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8,00 €

The World of Seeds Team is proud to present our first non-photo dependent high CBD content cannabis strain, which we’ve called Tonic Ryder.

This marihuana strain is the result of crossing and selecting a Diesel Tonic with our Northern Light X Big Bud Auto, one of the most renowned auto strains in our catalogue owing to its great yields, taste and smell, and whose large dense buds covered in a sea of crystals can be hypnotic.

The result is an easy-to-prune plant that is ideal for all types of growers and with yields above a Gram per Watt.

Tonic Ryder has a fairly intense fruity citrus taste that is a pleasure to smoke for any connoisseur or demanding grower.

This plant has ratios of 1 : 2 ( thc:cbd), with a CBD level always higher than THC, producing a highly desirable anti-anxiety and anti-stress effect.

Specially developed for medicinal needs.

Genotype: Indica Auto
Lineage: Northern Light X Big Bud Ryder x Diesel Tonic
Flowering: 60 days from seed to harvest
Yield: 600 to 700 gr/m2 / 200gr plant outdoor
Height: 100-130cm indoor / 200cm outdoor
Smell: Fruity
Taste: Critic
THC: 4%
CBD: 10,5%
Ratio THC:CBD: 1:2 medicinal.

GattungIndica Auto CBD
Lebenszyklus60 tage
AnbauInnen / Außen
Ertrag600 g/m2 Indoor | more than 200 g/pl Outdoor
Resistenz gegen SchimmelHoch
Resistenz gegen UngezieferHoch
GeschlechtFem Auto
LinieNorthern Light x Big Bud Auto x Diesel Tonic
BHO Performance22%
medizinischer WertSehr Hoch

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Greg (10.06.2020)
strong growth with very uniform height and production. My mistake was not venting heat, which produced fluffy buds, but they were still very much worth the time and effort. Smells kushy & fruity. Never had it tested but usually it felt like a very balanced thc/cbd high, however, at least one of the seeds in the pack was far higher in THC than advertised. Not upset about that, it was just unexpected and something worth sharing. Would grow again.
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