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Lemon Trip


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Lemon Trip - 5 Seeds
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After many years of breeding different strains with citrus nuances we finally got G10, a strain only available in Latin America. Due to its great acceptance and fantastic results, we decided to keep working in its development, looking for a strain with a remarkable citrus flavour and aroma. That's how we got our new sativa strain Lemon Trip, a pleasure for all the senses and specially profitable for the citrus strains lovers

Powerful and thick plant with a medium height, will grow the more space is given, the bigger. It has many branches but not so many leaves. Its flowers are of a good size, shiny and frosty, full of citrus trichomes ready to squeeze in about 70 days. It wont need excessive cares from the grower, but a help with its weight will require some tutoring sticks in the end of its life.

AROMA: Mysterious fruity aroma with slight haze nuances.

FLAVOUR: Sweet and citrus, perfect balance, like a lemon candy in your mouth.

EFFECT: Inspiring and refreshing, activating your mind, traveling no limits, no special direction.

GattungMainly Sativa
Blütezeit indoor65 bis 75 Tagen
Erntezeit outdoorMitte Oktober
AnbauInnen / Außen
Ertrag500 gr/m2 Indoor | 450-600 gr/pl Outdoor
LinieLemon Haze x Selección G10

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