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Sativa Pack


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55,00 €

The collection Sativa Seeds Positronics includes 2 seeds for 3 sativa varieties properly labeled and packaged separately.

2 x Claustrum
2 x Jack Diesel
2 x Purple Haze

Sativa hybrid . Aroma very incensed typical HAZE . Stimulating and energizing effect.
Plant tremendously vigorous vegetative growth , which surprises even the most expert growers. It is advisable to optimize illumination as the plant is able to absorb 100,000 lumens per m2 ( 600W) interior, which easily reaches one meter high . Outside, if you are correctly fed , can reach 5 meters. It has a pattern of growth fir or candelabra with good internodal distance and perfect branch distribution , which enables optimum bud aeration . Obtaining cuttings almost unlimited . Small amount of leaves but large . Develop a large and long stigmas or hairs in bloom.

Jack Diesel
Sativa hybrid psicoactiva.Sabor feeling very productivo.Potente tangerine.
Strong and vigorous , with strong vegetative growth of the Indian type , with short, thick central bud internodal distances is transformed into sativa during flowering side branches extending and adding at the end a sea of ​​" satellite" hard crystallized buds Plants uppercase around the central bud . Plant very voracious , best not to prolong the growing season indoors . Strong odor in bloom, the use of carbon filters or ionizers is necessary.

Purple Haze
Very psychoactive and lasting effect . Get excited hippie spirit.
Plant large force , large medium thick stems take on purple tones . Great internodal distance, shares Claustrum growth pattern , spreading its branches in the form of fir or candelabrum, optimizing the production of flower clusters. Moderate leaves and fairly large fine and serrated for haze amount . The flowers will become purple tones with shades ranging from violet to maroon, giving a unique polychrome this variety, all a visual delight. No doubt it will become the queen of the garden .

GenotipoMainly Sativa
RitaglioInterno / Esterno
ProduzioneNo especificado

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