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Blue Dream´matic

Blue Dream´matic - FastBuds

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Blue Dream'matic is a 'true blue' budding machine which delivers a euphoric, relaxing and uplifting high.

This 2017 autoflower creation stays true to the Blue Dream classic with sweet earthy notes at early growth, later joined by a sharp berry scent.

We've only improved on the original genetics, so prepare yourself for a beast of a plant with great resistance. Big, long, dense buds are the signature of this strain, which spreads branches wide and far -- more of a giant bush than a tree -- and can net up to 300g per plant in just 9 weeks.

The final flavor is the genuine article: a hint of pine/cedar and tart sweetness that leaves a slight dry mouth as the soothing, happy vibes take grip. The final harvest gives off a fantastically pungent, citric aroma that really gets you sativating!

It's an sativa - indica blend (up to 75% sativa) that gives an intense head high before mellowing out into a body high -- perfect for afternoon tokes. You won't be crashed on the couch…

Blue Dream'matic is simple to grow, with strong resistance. A thirsty grower and potentially an early finisher. Bend stems outwards in the early stages for great consistency in plenty of bud sites, and a bountiful harvest could be ready as early as 9 weeks. However, some grows can reach the 11th week. Go easy on the feed – about a quarter of what any product instructs.

GenotipoMostly Sativa
Ciclo de Vida Completo70 dias
SaborDoce frutado
Modalidad CultivoInt./Ext
ProducciónVery High
SexoFem Auto
LinajeBlue Dream autoflowering

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