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Refund Policy

The refund process must be started within a maximum period of 7 working days from order reception by sending an email to You will then be promptly sent instructions on how to proceed.

Your request must always be accompanied by your receipt or invoice.

Cannabis seeds may only be germinated in those countries that allow it or where authorised by law. It is the customer's responsibility to inform him or herself about the laws of the country where he or she lives and act accordingly. is not responsible for the illegal use of our products by third parties.

Claims for ungerminated seeds will only be dealt with if the seedbank resonsible accepts returns and if we receive a properly completed claim form. Claims for hermaphrodite plants will not be considered owing to the impossibility of establishing whether the problem was due to growing conditions or genetic reasons.

Repeat claims, or claims made after 1 month from date of purchase, will not be considered. accepts absolutely no responsibility for orders retained, or confiscated, by Customs or similar authorities. For more information, please contact these organisms directly.