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Lava Freeze


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Lava Freeze - 8 seeds

She is a resilient and easy to grow cannabis variety which combines one of our old school classics with some new school fire
Lava Freeze is an Indica-dominant hybrid weed strain with a pungent aroma with mainly earthy, sour and fruity tones. Her taste is very gassy and diesel-like
Lava Freeze has a quick flowering period of about 8 weeks and is very suitable to grow both outdoors as well as indoors. Her compact structure makes her very suitable for beginners
She is known to have an extremely thick resin layer, the buds have an amazing bag appeal. Lava Freeze can also turn very dark, purple or even black if she is grown in cool bloom conditions, a real beauty for the eye!

Lava Freeze has a pungent aroma with mainly earthy, sour and fruity tones, her taste is gassy and diesel like
Lava Freeze has a pungent aroma and a rich taste. She is widely celebrated for her deliciously fruity and sour terpene profile with hints of mint, cake and chocolate. Her aroma is generally mostly earthy, sour and fruity. She does have a few phenotypes that can have a kush-like aroma. The taste however leans more to the gassy side of the spectrum. Diesel, mint and floral tones can leave a strong aftertaste. She can have a sweet & sour fruity taste on the inhale and a minty gassy diesel taste on the exhale. This incredibly layered taste makes you want to smoke more and more as soon as she is lit.

Lava Freeze is a resilient and robust cannabis variety, which can be grown both indoors and outdoors
Lava Freeze has a strong genetic background which makes her pretty vigorous and resilient. She is strong enough to be grown in temperate climates almost anywhere in the world (except for the most Nordic or Southern regions). Her fast flowering time is very useful for growers that are living in a temperate climate, where the daylight hours and temperatures quickly diminish during autumn. She is suitable to be grown in the Netherlands and at similar latitudes in Canada/USA but also in the UK, Germany and so on. Outdoors her leaves can get beautiful reddish, purple tones and sometimes even completely black colours. It will give the flowers an amazing bag appeal. Of course, she also thrives in a controlled indoor environment where all the environmental conditions are closely regulated and monitored. In here you can get her potency up to a level that will match some of the strongest strains you’ve ever had!

What kind of genetics are there in Lava Freeze?
With crossbreeding our Friesland Indica (M33 for the old school growers) with Lava Cake, a new hard hitting, couch-locking and very tasty hybrid has been born. Back in the day, the original Friesland Indica, a.k.a. M33, a.k.a Freezeland, became immensely popular in North America. In Canada it immediately became a treasure among cannabis seed connoisseurs. It was praised for its productivity, effect and great taste. Friesland Indica was also very robust and able to cope well with the harsh outdoor climate in Canada. This made it a go-to strain for many Canadian commercial underground growers and it can still be found today in many Canadian grow rooms.

Our Lava Freeze has the vigour and terpene profile of the Lava Cake and the robustness of the Friesland Indica. This makes her a great strain to grow both indoor and outdoor. This legendary strain has been bred by Karel. The reverted female he used for this cross came from an elite Lava Cake clone that was selected from premium cannabis seeds donated to Karel's son by one of his longtime buddies on the other side of the ocean. Lava Cake has gained increased popularity over the last few years, mostly because of its vigor and awesome terpene profile. Our Lava Freeze is a nice blend of these new school genetics with one of our old school classics.

Lava Freeze is an Indica dominant hybrid that is easy to grow with a quick flowering time of 8 weeks
Lava Freeze is an Indica-dominant cannabis strain with a very fast flowering time of about 8 weeks. She can still have a decent amount of stretch during the first weeks of flowering. She is known to grow quite vigorously even though she is mostly Indica dominant. Her leaf structure starts off pretty Indica dominant, with a broader leaf pattern. Once she becomes older and especially during the flowering phase the leaves turn into a more hybrid style leaf, slightly thinner and bigger.

Most of the plants are medium in size, with thick long branches that can carry quite some weight. These branches are sturdy and will not snap easily. This is a great feature for when you want to grow her outdoors. She will not be easily damaged by strong winds or by small animals passing. This is a strain which isn’t hard to grow at all. She can be grown in both a SOG and SCROG type of grow, or you can let her grow just naturally, it’s totally up to you. This makes her very suitable for beginners.

Her plant structure is sort of average, not very compact but also not very big. It’s a medium sized plant with short to medium internodes. She has a medium stretch from the moment the lights are flipped to 12/12. Indoors she grows into a nice little bush with solid branching and big and chunky looking flowers. Many growers report that this strain grows into a dense, bulbous structure with beautiful dark hues accompanied by a thick layer of white glistening trichomes. She doesn’t produce a lot of leaves in the buds making her pretty easy to trim.

Most plants will stretch during week 1 and 2 of the flowering period. Only a few phenotypes stretch even longer. These plants stay relatively compact due to its Indica heritage. Resin development starts early too, most of the times it starts almost immediately when the plants are starting to show their sex. The leaves surrounding the buds soon get covered in a sticky layer of trichomes.

The genetics used to create Lava Freeze guarantee the following traits:

A medium sized plant with a fast-flowering time
A resilient plant which is easy to grow both indoors and outdoors. She has solid branching with dense buds with a favourable calyx-to-leaf ratio
She is an Indica dominant hybrid plant that is suitable to grow in a wide variety of conditions and with many different growing techniques, ideal for beginners

Lava Freeze is a solid strain for the new school growers that are looking for something reliable and strong. These stable old school Freezeland Indica genetics have received the right amount of terpenes and potency from the Lava Cake making this cross an excellent choice for growers that don’t want to compromise on quality.

Effects of Lava Freeze
Lava Freeze has a very powerful effect which will be appreciated by the more experienced smokers. The smoke is very smooth and the aroma can be very gassy and creamy at the same time. The high itself is pretty strong and relaxing. If you a smoke a bit more than the high can become devastating and narcotic, even causing a strong couchlock. This strain is ideal for taking some time off to relax. The deeply relaxing effects can ease both your mind and your body. It’s the perfect bud to smoke on those lazy days off, when you don’t have anything to do. You will feel a light euphoric lift off on the onset of the high, which is slightly energising and uplifting. Soon after that initial up-high the body effect becomes more evident and you will wander into a deeply physical relaxing state. You can then melt into the couch and feel totally at ease with the environment around you, happy days!

Lava Freeze flowering time
Lava Freeze is medium sized plant with a quick flowering phase. With an average flowering time of around 8 weeks most of the phenotypes will be done within 2 months after switching the clock to 12/12. Some phenotypes might take a week longer, especially when the growing conditions aren’t completely in the right zone. When you experience a phenotype that takes a little longer to finish we advise you to wait until the first amber trichomes appear. Otherwise, you could lose out on potency.

Outdoors most plant will be ready at the beginning of October, still making this a good strain to grow in temperate climates. We recommend to extend the VEG period a bit if you want the biggest plants, due to its medium stretch the plants won’t be extremely big nor tall.

The yield from Lava Freeze
Lava Freeze has a good yield in a relatively short time frame. She doesn’t produce the biggest plants, but the flowers are pretty dense and chunky. So even though the amount of buds may appear low, the yield will still be high. On average you could get around 400g/m2 with this variety.

Outdoors she can yield several hundred grams per plant and in the right hands she can have a harvest of more than 500g per plant. She does need good quality soil and lots of sunlight to achieve this though. It’s a tough and resilient lady and once you’ve mastered her the potential yields will be even higher! For the best outdoor results we recommend using a shelter, polytunnel or greenhouse with sufficient airflow.

Advice from our experts
Lava Freeze can grow rather bushy. Therefore, we recommend to do several sessions of leaf tucking (or plucking) to give enough space and light to the inner shoots for them to grow more vigorously. This can best be done during the vegetative phase. It will also help to increase the potential yield of this strain. Try to be careful if there’s a lot of rain and moisture towards the end of flowering. Due to the compact buds, it is recommended to keep the humidity low when you are growing indoors. When you grow outdoors in a wet and temperate climate try to place the plants under a shelter during late flowering. The colder night temperatures (which she can handle pretty well) will create a beautiful and striking color palette with purple, red and black shades. She can handle a bit of rain but doesn’t like to be soaking wet during the last few weeks of the flowering period.

Information about Lava Freeze
This new Indica dominant hybrid is a great addition to our collection and mixing our old school genetics with some new school genetics is what we are all about. The outcome is pretty unique, and you will be able to find a lot of interesting phenotypes in these packs.

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LinajeFriesland Indica (M33) x Lava Cake

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