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Philo Skunk

Philo Skunk - Philosopher Seeds

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aka Gokunk


Philo Skunk / Gokunk is a Somango x Mazar hybrid. These two strains were previously crossed with Skunk. The result clearly retains all the qualities of the Skunk family while improving yields and vigor.

Cultivation of Philo Skunk

Suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivation.

It is develops vigorous but needs tutors or meshes from the third or fourth week into flowering (12/12) to support the weight of its heavy buds.

The ideal number of plants for using the SOG technique is 20-25 plants/m2, with a growth period of three weeks. On the other hand, if the SCROG method is used we recommend 9-15 plants per m2, with a growth period of three to five weeks.

Easy to grow, it is a variety that does not require special care.

Outdoors, this plant grows huge and can easily exceed two meters in height.

Taste and effects

The most outstanding and distinctive trait of this cannabis strain is undoubtedly its taste and aroma, which are sweet and fruity, typical of Skunk genetics. The flavor reminds of noble wood as the drying and curing process advances.

Its effect is relaxing, suitable to relieve tension, enjoy a good movie or listen to music.

Genetics: Somango x Mazar
Sativa-Indica content: 40%-60%
Indoor flowering: 55-65 days
Outdoor harvest Northern Hemisphere: Late September, early October
Outdoor harvest Southern Hemisphere: Late March, early April
Indoor yield: 450-550 gr/m2.
Outdoor yield: 500-1800 gr/plant
THC: 20%

Genotipo40% Sativa - 60% Indica
Tiempo Maduración Interiorde 55 a 65 dias
Tiempo Maduración Exteriorfinales de Septiembre-prinicipios de Octubre
SaborDoce frutado
Modalidad CultivoInt./Ext
Producción450-550 gr/m2 Indoor | 500-1800 gr/pl Outdoor
LinajeSomango x Mazar

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