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Red Strawberry Banana Auto

Red Strawberry Banana Auto - SWEET SEEDS

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Red Strawberry Banana Auto - 3 seeds (+1 free)
Red Strawberry Banana Auto - 3 seeds (+2 frees)

This autoflowering strain emanates from a cross of an elite Strawberry Banana clone with specially selected plants from our Red Poison Auto® (SWS39) autoflowering strain known for its purple flowers.

The plants follow a mainly indica growth pattern and produce compact red buds covered with an abundance of trichomes. Red Strawberry Banana Auto® (SWS90) is excellent for high-quality, aromatic resin extractions with purple, pink or reddish hues. Around 75% of plants develop purple flowers.

This strain has an intense sweet, fruity aroma that conjures up memories of fruit-flavoured candies with hints of walnuts and rocket salad leaves.

It flowers very quickly and mature buds can be harvested just 7-8 weeks after the appearance of the cotyledons.

The buds have a relaxing effect and help boost the imagination and creativity.

Genotipo25% Sativa - 73,5% Indica - 1,5% Ruderalis
Ciclo de Vida Completo60 dias
SaborDoce frutado
Modalidad CultivoInt./Ext
Producción400-550 g/m2 Indoor | 35-175 g/pl Outdoor
EfectoFísico, Relajante
SexoFem Auto
LinajeStrawberry Banana x Red Poison Auto

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