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SuperCheese Express

SuperCheese Express - POSITRONICS SEEDS

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SuperCheese Express - 5 Seeds

Surprise yourself with this express version of our prize-winning SuperCheese, which conserves its structure, effect and flavour. A luxury automatic that will certainly win a permanent space in your cultivation.

The vitality that it shows from the beginning becomes a resinous Express with large flowers. Small/moderate internodal distance, with large Indica leaves and stems of optimum calibre that efficiently support the weight of the flowers. In short, a very robust plant.

The harvest will arrive very quickly; it’s one of the fastest in our Express catalogue. The final size will be moderate and suitable, easy to grow. We recommend paying a lot of attention to the proliferation of fungi with humidity or high temperatures, particularly in the flowering phase.

AROMA: Unmistakeable Cheese aroma, tremendously popular and desired.

FLAVOUR: Intense, pleasant, beloved and long lasting.

EFFECT: : Incredible for an autoflowering plant. Pleasant, euphoric and long lasting.

Tiempo Maduración Interiorde 55 a 65 dias
SaborCitrico frutado
Modalidad CultivoInt./Ext
Producción100 gr/pl
SexoFem Auto
LinajeAfghan Express x SuperCheese
Valor MedicinalMedia

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