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Wild Thailand

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Nombre Precio Cantidad
Wild Thailand - 1 seed € 9.00 x semilla
9,00 €
Wild Thailand - 3 seeds € 8.00 x semilla
24,00 €
Wild Thailand - 7 seeds € 7.00 x semilla
49,00 €
Wild thailand: 12 semillas € 6.00 x semilla
72,00 €
Wild Thailand - 25 seeds € 5.00 x semilla
125,00 €
9,00 €

Raza pura procedente de las islas del archipiélago de Ko Chang (Tailandia). Es una de las variedades con mayor contenido en THC del mundo. Muy apreciada por cultivadores Tailandeses, que la transportan a Bangkok enfrentándose a la dureza de las leyes del pais. El motivo de su valor reside en que esta variedad es fruto de muchísimos cruces entre los mejores ejemplares de esta línea thailandesa de Ko Chang, realizados durante muchísimos años por cultivadores expertos de la zona; habitantes locales que llevan generaciones cultivándola.

Es una de las variedades más productoras de Tailandia, y con una floración relativamente corta, para ser una sativa pura thailandesa. Tiene un crecimiento que en ocasiones puede ser desmesurado. Si se la cultiva en maceta, hay que darle mucho espacio a las raíces para un buen desarrollo y floración. Como la auténtica thai que es.

Su aroma y sabor acercará asia a tu paladar y sus efectos te trasladarán a los indescriptibles templos de Bangkok.

Genotipo100% Sativa
Tiempo Maduración Interiorde 75 a 80 dias
Tiempo Maduración Exteriorprincipios de Noviembre
SaborCítrico afrutado
Modalidad CultivoInt./Ext
Producción400 g/m2 Indoor | more than 700 g/pl Outdoor
Resistencia MohoAlta
Resistencia PlagasMedia
LinajeKo Chang (Thailand)
BHO Performance18%
Tolerancia RiegoMedia
Valor MedicinalMedia

3rd Place - Sativa 420 concentrate cup - Durango, Colorado. USA 2017

3rd Place - Flower Winners-Judge Panel - Clio Cultivation 420 Cup - Michigan 2019

Producto: Wild Thailand

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Manicron (4/2/2022)
I've grown about 50 varieties yet - low amounts multipe strains each run.
This takes 2nd place right after Zkittlez. It is very strong and psychedelic. Hits me quite as hard as a bruce banner but less couchlock. On the 2Nd run the cure went really well bringing out strong exotic fruit and orange smells. Either over-ripe or like soaked in wine - fantastic!
Chico (5/7/2021)
This pot tastes like oranges. The buzz is amazing, ideal for writing an 1000page novel , canoeing, playing with a soccer ball or laughing your head off with your friends. I would buy these seeds again. Simply fabulous.
Steve (7/5/2020)
I love growing wild Thailand, I've been growing it off and on for the last few years. it grows faster than any other strain i have used and always yields big beautiful buds with a pleasant and unique smell and taste with a great high. great for indoor growing would like to try it outside sometime
Gary (15/5/2018)
The 1st time I experienced Thai was in the 70's. It was the pinnacle of cannabis, right above Colombian Red. I gave 4 stars because I had 60% germination success. As another reviewer mentioned, the fan leaves look indica-like. I grew under off the shelf LED/CFLs. At 4 weeks I cropped and shortly after she put out a very pungent skunky aroma that persisted throughout the grow and diminished somewhat towards the end of flowering. I would expect to harvest at 10 weeks of flowering as the sugar leaves are yellowing, trich.s are long, abundant and mostly cloudy but no ambers yet. This will be my best quality grow yet.
jailarage (27/9/2015)
c est une herbe difficile a maitriser au depart, mais quel bonheur par la suite. a essayer absolument
igorski (27/9/2015)
I have grown Wild Thai 2 times, and growing now for the 3rd time. First grow my Thai was more of Indica look, short, up to 70cm tall. I grow in soil. The High was above average. Second 2 grows were from the clone of first one, but now I have completely different looking plant. It is very tall (6ft), lanky, with many many bud sites from the bottom of the stem and tiny tiny leaves, so the light goes directly to bottom of stem. Looking too much sativa now lol. It takes some 11 weeks to finish. Not a yielder but it is a quality high. I will grow em in the future again.