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Northern Light x Big Bud

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Northern Light x Big Bud - 1 seed € 10.00 x seed
Northern light x big bud 3 seeds € 9.00 x seed
Northern light x big bud 7 seeds € 8.00 x seed
Northern light x big bud: 12 seeds € 7.00 x seed
Northern Light x Big Bud - 25 seeds € 6.00 x seed

Northern Light is a strain that has won so many indica cups and prizes that they even asked for her to be retired from competition to give other hi gh quality indica strains a chance. Furthermore, to give us a better idea of her quality, the genetics of many subsequent champions were based on Northern. By crossing her with Big Bud (one of the best-selling strains during the 80s and 90s owing to her hig h yields), we produced an exceptional genotype that is ideal for indoor growing owing to her small stature, great yields and resin coated buds. Highly medicinal, her balanced cannabinoid levels make her an effective tranquiliser. Her elevated CBD levels wi ll leave you in a mildly sedated state, ideal for therapeutic use .

Genotype100% Indica
Maturation(Interior)from 55 to 60 days
Maturation(Exterior)late September early October
FlavorSweet fruit
Way of croppingInd/Out
Production600 g/m2 Indoor | more than 1200 g/pl Outdoor
Resistance to moldHigh
Pest resistanceHigh
LineageNorthern Light x Big Bud
BHO Performance25%
Irrigation toleranceHigh
Medicinal ValueVery high

1er premio de las autos en Canarias (copa Natura Verde 2013)

BHO copa uruguay 3er premio 2015

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Call Me Ishmael (04/12/2022)
Thank you for the free seed, WoS! <3
Vegged one seed 30 days indoors in 10 gal pot under LED. Mostly water only feed, occasional teas and top dressing of organic dry ammendments. Took 3 baby clones and rooted them in 2 gal pots. Once rooted, clones went outside early August and harvested mid October. One clone was eaten by my dog, two girls made it and weighed in at about 4 oz each. BEAUTIFUL purple color due to cold.
Indoor, mum was harvest at 6 weeks, was showing a little botrytis (my own fault, humidity was out of control for a week when I was out of town).
Very potent smoke! First joint had to be put out half way. For me, the high is like driving a racecar and crashing it. Every time. Strong at first, then the munchies come, then your evening is WRECKED and you'll likely have no memory what you did after you start eating.
Tasty smoke and expands nicely in the lungs. I will definitely be purchasing these in the future
Bob Farley (29/10/2015)
Northen Litgth siempre ha sido de mis preferidas, aunque con este cruce con Big Bud lo bordaron, felicidades