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About us

World of Seeds was founded to contribute to society with our particular way of understanding the judicious use of cannabis as a medicine, emphasizing its already existent use as anti-emetic and analgesic in palliative medicine and its possible applications in the future as a powerful antioxidant and antispasmodic agent. We mention also the possible risks that could occur in recreational uses and abuses of the plant.

Our aim is to reach as wide audience as posible, both those who seek a desperate solution to health problems and who enjoy recreational use. Welcome to World of Seeds site; here you will find a catalog of products related to cannabis.

If you are interested in collaborate with World of Seeds send an e-mail to


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In order to have more information about the shipment time and costs, please check in our website: Fares. Spain or European Union shipments are delivered in 48 hours once the order leaves our warehouse.

2.-Legal Terms

Unfortunately, regulations and laws relating to cannabis seeds trade tend to differ from country to country. For this reason, we ask you to inform yourself about the legal terms and conditions to which you must abide. More information on: Terms and Conditions.


On our website you can purchase as a registered user or as a guest. The advantages of registering are:

1-Fast and easy purchase
2-Easy access to your purchase history and the state of your orders

More information on Privacy Policy.

4.-Use conditions

You can make your payment by credit card or by bank transfer to the accounts listed in step 5, Payment Information.

5.-Questions and delivery incidents.

Any queries you might have with regard to your order please contact us at: info[arroba] or at the telephone number: +34 961 595 275.