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WILD THAILAND RYDER - 1 SEED € 9.00 x seed
WILD THAILAND RYDER - 12 SEEDS € 6.00 x seed
WILD THAILAND RYDER - 25 SEEDS € 5.00 x seed

Wild Thailand Ryder is a cross between a pure strain from the islands of the Ko Chang archipelago (Thailand) with one of the highest THC levels in the world and a Ruderalis.

Crossing with an excellent Cannabis Ruderalis specimen over several generations through backcrossing produces a strain with Asian sativa characteristics that is programmed to flower automatically.

Wild Thailand Auto can be grown indoors or outside where she can easily expected to reach a height of 150cm, or more. As flowering is not dependent on photoperiod, she can be grown at any time of the year though the better the climatic conditions, the higher the yields.

A good tip for growing outdoors is to sow when the good weather starts and again a few days before harvesting the first batch to give us two crops a year. Some growers do more than two although unfavourable climatic conditions usually mean these additional harvests tend to be less productive. 

Indoors we recommend 20 hours of light and 4 hours’ darkness during the whole cycle.

This strain is very strong with a highly euphoric, almost exhilirating, effect that can be highly medicinal. The taste and aroma, like her ancestor, is citrussy floral with a hint of incense.

GenotypeSativa Auto
Life Cycle70-80 days
FlavorSweet fruit
Way of croppingInd/Out
Production600 g/m2 Indoor | more than 200 g/pl Outdoor
EffectEnergetic, very durable
Resistance to moldHigh
Pest resistanceHigh
SexFem Auto
LineageWild Thailand x Ruderalis
BHO Performance18%
Irrigation toleranceHigh
Medicinal ValueVery high

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Caspa (09/04/2024)

Growbox 40x40x120
50w sanlight q1w + 3 x 15w billig led grow lampen
2 Pflanzen in jeweils 6l Töpfen ( ja war sehr eng, pflanzen waren zwar nicht sehr hoch aber buschig mit vielen Seitentrieben)

Keimung bis ernte 70 und 75 Tage

Erste Pflanze hat inklusive Popcorn bud ca 50g gebracht
Zweite ist noch am trocknen aber sollte einen ähnlichen Ertrag bringen.

Wild thailand habe ich im November zum ersten mal in thailand probiert (gut gegrowt aus dem shop) und mich gleich in den Geschmack und in die Wirkung verliebt.

Geruch ist stark zitronig fruchtig aber nicht beißend. Sehr lecker :)
Die Wirkung ist stark und sehr nice
Startet sehr euphorisch, puls geht etwas hoch (aber nicht so Paranoia mäßig) gute Laune startet. Sehr gutes sommergraß für draußen, man verliert sich aber auch in seinen Gedanken aber bekommt noch alles auf die Reihe. Auch gut zum chillen aber kein Couch lock.
Genau so hatte ich es in Erinnerung :)
Perfekt für einen minogrow wenn man sich ans aktuelle Gesetz in Deutschland halten will aber mit einem besseren setting (mehr Platz, stärkeres Licht und größerer Topf) bringt selbstverständlich viel mehr ertrag
Ich bin jedenfalls sehr zufrieden, der Sommer kann kommen.


Growbox 40x40x120
50w sanlight q1w + 3 x 15w cheap led grow lamps
2 plants in 6l pots each (yes it was very tight, plants were not very tall but bushy with many side shoots)

germination to harvest 70 and 75 days

First plant has yielded about 50g including popcorn buds
Second plant is still drying but should produce a similar yield.

I tried Wild thailand for the first time on thailand in November (well grown from the shop) and immediately fell in love with the flavour and effect.

Smell is strong lemony fruity but not pungent. Very tasty :)
The effect is strong but very nice
Starts very euphoric, pulse goes a little high (but not so paranoia-like) good mood starts. Very good summer weed for outside, but you also get lost in your thoughts but still get everything together. Also good for chilling out but not a couch lock.
That's exactly how I remembered it :)
Perfect for a minogrow if you want to adhere to the current law in Germany, but with a better setting (more space, stronger light and a bigger pot) of course brings much more yield.
In any case, I'm very happy, summer can come.
Fourhead (24/08/2020)
Hab ich schon ein paar Jahre jetzt auf dem Balkon, sehr zuverlässig: mein Lieblingsgras macht nicht platt, sondern ist perfekt zum Ausgehen. Die ausgewachsene Wild Thailand Variante ist noch etwas stärker, aber dafür wird der Ryder rechtzeitig fertig. Bei den großen Pflanzen kann es schonmal sein, dass die Ernte erst im November fällig ist. Bei den Autoblühern dagegen werden die Buds sehr schön kompakt und fest. Und lecker.
Pierrot (19/07/2020)
Outdoor grow in okayish weather.,
Seed planted last week of April, in a 14L Smartpot. Harvested after 75 days, All Mix Biobizz as substrate, fish meal as a booster during short veg phase, blackstrap molasses as a soil booster during flowering. Easy grow, hardy plant. Only had to worry bout a few insects attacks, treated with Neem Oil. 110g of dried buds on the scale. Nice smoke, true sativa taste and buzz. Lovely
Greg (10/06/2020)
people aren't kidding when they say this is borderline psychedelic. the first bowl of this I ever smoked had me seeing details in leaves & clouds I've never noticed. Potentially, nearly guaranteed overstimulating if you're not seasoned. My tolerance isn't low and one time I forgot I had this in my grinder and not my cbd flower I use to pump the brakes, I got so fucking baked immediately I read the same paragraph of a book four times before I realized I'm too far gone & gave up. It has that lovely spicy sativa smell that's pleasant but won't draw nearly as much aromatic attention as most. Far more fruity than incensey or earthy. I feel like I should stop typing before everyone else starts believing me and gobbles up these seeds. 10/10 across the board
SmithyGreen (06/06/2020)
Fast Delivery, 100% Germination.
EXTREMELY STABLE( Very Hard to Achieve)
All Plants grew to about 5 feet tall and was dense uniform canopy without any training whatsoever.
Grew in Midwest USA, took everything my states nutty ass weather could throw at her. Loved the summer heat. Extreme pest and mold resistant. I averaged about 6 to 7 ounces per plant. The grow time was 77 days and all 7 plants where ready to harvest at the same time.
I want to add a special note to the breeder/breeders. I hope they read this.
To the breeders, thank you for your special plant! You have created what most give up on doing.The care you must have taken to create this plant shows and is appreciated! Thank you for your tenured knowledge you have put into making this strain happen! To whomever is the boss of the breeders or the company owner. Take care of them or someone else will. Talent like that is very very rare!
jamie (02/09/2019)
seed to harvest about 70 days outside eastern us uniform 5 ft high great brancing over 5 ounces of great sativa buds volumn = to 8 or 9 ounces great high fantastic weed good job breeding this beauty,thanks jamie
Peter (25/05/2019)
best auto ive tried beautiful taste and the high is strong and lasts for a while
id recomend this strain for sure
ccc (02/12/2016)
This is by far the Best Automatic i have grown. Huge buds, compact plants, great yield, very fruity taste and smell. With a great high that is up there with non-auto's. If you purchase an auto i highly recommend this 1. A true 5 star right here.