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South African Kwazulu

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South african kwazulu 3 seeds
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A 100% Sativa strain that grows wild to the north of the Drakensberg ridge, she flowers early, has a sweet taste and a physical and energising effect.

Grown by generations of Shaka Zulus, who were one of Africa’s most significant farmer warrior tribes, legend has it that this plant was used in the battle preparations prior to the first British attack in 1879 and that her long-lasting and galvanising properties enabled the outnumbered and outgunned Zulu army to repel the enemy invaders.

One of the most resistant strains to pests and mildew, her genetics allow her to be grown indoors and outside even at European latitudes.

Genotype100% Sativa
Maturation(Interior)from 65 to 75 days
FlavorSweet fruit
Way of croppingInd/Out
Production400 g/m2 Indoor | more than 800 g/pl Outdoor
EffectEnergetic, very durable
Resistance to moldMedium
Pest resistanceMedium
LineageSouth Africa
BHO Performance17%
Irrigation toleranceMedium
Medicinal ValueMedium

2º premio South African Kwazulu – VIII Copa de los Cultivadores Montañeses 2010

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Outlaw (04/07/2021)
South African kwazulu seems to prefer the hot humid 90 degrees plus in Oklahoma. Growing her in a 25 gallon rubbermaid can.2 months old from seeds at 50 inches now and 2 successful clones from her bottom branches. She loves a good watering but minimal nutrients. Staying in the 175-300ppm range every couple weeks.
steve (01/04/2020)
one of my favourites, easy to grow, no diseases, gets you up and running.
Gabriel (03/09/2016)
Exquisito sabor intenso y buena potencia mental brotheeer.
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