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The development process for this strain began when we laid our hands on clones from some seeds from Thailand whose genes contribute stimulating physical climaxes and a citrusy aroma.

These females, the pick of the clones, were crossed with a superb Skunk male whose genes are responsible for the density of the buds and her high resin yields and which help tame some of the least interesting Thai genes for this strain.

The result was then re-crossed with a selection of Cinderella 99 and Jack Herer males. The end product is a very productive strain, with dense and very resinous buds, an exquisite taste and aroma as well as higher CBD levels than pure Thais.

Genotype70% Sativa - 30% Indica
Maturation(Interior)from 60 to 70 days
Way of croppingInd/Out
Production500 g/m2 Indoor | more than 800 g/pl Outdoor
OdorVery High
Resistance to moldMedium
Pest resistanceMedium
LineageAmnesia (Skunk x Cinderella 99 x Jack Herer x Thai)
BHO Performance24%
Medicinal ValueMedium

2º premio indoor - la Bella Flor 2009, Málaga

3er premio Exterior - Cata Cannabica Rosario - Argentina 2018

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pozytyw (07/01/2022)
6/5 score. This Amnesia is in my opinion, best Amnesia available on the market. I can not describe how incredible this plant is. Is perfect physical phenotype build - but most is the incredible potency and fantastic celebral-happy-relaxed-very_high, uplifted mood. It makes you feel great. Smell is fantastic, it sweet, pungent, some sweety pineapple, honey but also fuel/petrol notes .
As any plant from World Of Seeds. (for ex. Afghan Kush and all strains here) they are the best, top quality producers , pioneers. Their selection is outstanding. This Amnesia is a true winner and outstands any of available Amnesia's on the market. Only Amnesia from Super Strains is similar but much danker.
Maria More (29/10/2015)
AMNESIA me encantaaa , fui una de mis mejores cepas ;)
Qualitée a Prix Correct. (27/09/2015)
Joli Plante , Pousse Trés bien , Et Bon Rapport Qualiter Prix.
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