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Pakistan Valley Regular - 10 Seeds

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From the Hindu Kush mountain range (Northern Pakistan). After a selection process lasting several years, we bring you a pure origin Indica ideal for indoor growing.

Unmistakable for her robust, well-branched appearance, strong aroma and high potency, this is one of the best indoor strains in the world. Sweet, intoxicating and intense in her effect, her elevated CBD levels makes this the quintessential medicinal strain.

10 Regular Seeds

Genotype100% Indica
Maturation(Interior)from 55 to 60 days
Maturation(Exterior)late September early October
Way of croppingInd/Out
Production450 g/m2 Indoor | more than 700 g/pl Outdoor
Resistance to moldMedium
Pest resistanceMedium
LineageNorth of Pakistan
BHO Performance20%
Irrigation toleranceVery high
Medicinal ValueVery high

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Swampcat (03/03/2023)
Easy to grow; beautiful structure, effects, and scent; relaxed without couch lock; low nitrogen and light requirements
Fletch (10/05/2019)
This Heirloom Landrace is beautiful; plants are stout and sturdy. The leaves are lush, wide, and dark green with the under canopy resembling Basil. Buds are dense and super sticky. Smoke is tasty and potent. It finishes quickly indoors with most plants topping out at 1 meter. There is a Dwarf Pheno that is simply perfect.