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As you already know, we love preparing special packs with very tempting discounts, so you let to know our great variety of seeds. So here we are! The year is ending, and we wanted to thank you for the incredible success we are having. Any better way of celebrating with you than offering packs with 50% off? Don´t think so!

Take advantage of our newest PROMO and let to know our full collection. Don´t forget that we will have a new packaging starting on January, so now it´s the moment to say goodbye to the old one.

What's the Limited-Edition PROMO about?

It consists of 4 special packs with a selection of our bestsellers with 50% off. Yay! Also, you will have the option of buying 1 or 3 seeds of each variety, depending on the pack you choose: the small or the big one. Tempting, uh?


If you are interested, hurry up! The promo will finish on 31st December or until end of stock.

See below more details about all the packs with our best seeds:



Our most mythic varieties! Those that made history in the world of cannabis and will always remain in our memory as irreplaceable.



100% pure varieties! We travelled along the world to find the more interesting indigenous genetics so you could enjoy them without almost having to leave home.



Our more therapeutic seeds born as a respond to the needs of a large number of people who suffer from diseases that involve terrible pain and are forced to use aggressive medical treatments.



The collection born as a result of the crossing of the most precious varieties with rudelaris genetics, enriching it with autoflowering gen to offer an autoflowering line of high psicoactivity levels.

¡Interesting! How can I get the promo?

Easy! You can buy the packs from our online shop or get them from your nearest growshop.

Please do contact us in case you have any doubts or questions, we will reply very soon!

Thanks for reading! See you soon ;)

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                                                                                           TAKE ADVANTAGE OF OUR SUMMER PROMO PACKS

Summer’s here and with it our new promotions whereby we want to offer you a selecion of some of our strains with discounts from 15% to 20%.

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                                                                                                                 NEW STRAIN BUBBA HAZE  REGULAR

After a long break from releasing any new regular strains and bowing to the constant demands of our WoS fans, we are pleased to present our new regular marijuana strain, Bubba Haze.

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                                                                                                           TONIC RYDER


The World of Seeds Team is proud to present our first non-photo dependent high CBD content cannabis strain, which we’ve called  Tonic Ryder.

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Buenas familia, ya tenemos los ganadores del concurso que hicimos esta pasada Expogrow en Irún.

Gracias a todos por participar y muchas felicidades a los ganadores.

-1er Premio;  Maite.L - boleto N 0062

1 Autoflorewing Collection + 1 Sativa Collection + 1 Indica Collection + camiseta + grinder + Papel + tips.

-2 Premio; Benat.G - boleto N 0148

1 Sativa Collection + 1 Indica Collection + camiseta + grinder + papel + tips.

-3er Premio; Joseba.J -boleto N 0055

1 AutoFlorewing Collection + camiseta + grinder + papel + tips

Nos podremos en contacto con los ganadores vía email, saludos y muchas gracias.

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                                                                                                                          CBD TONIC – NEW STRAIN, COMING SOON


In this important year for us when we celebrate 10 years of dedication and hard work to offer you the best genetics, the World of Seeds Team is proud to present our first high CBD strain.

Called CBD Tonic, this strain is the result of crossing and selecting a Critical Mass with a Diesel Tonic.




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                                                                                                                      THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF TERPENES                              

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Le Mexique autorise 4 personnes à cultiver du cannabis

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Buy this pack of 3 strains and get 20% OFF

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Big change for Colombia: Government to legalize medical marijuana sales

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