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CBD Auto Blackberry Kush

CBD Auto Blackberry Kush - DUTCH PASSION

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Why should I buy CBD Auto Blackberry Kush feminised cannabis seeds?
CBD Auto Blackberry Kush is a purple Indica dominant autoflower with a compact and bushy structure, ideal for small growing spaces.
It is a strain with a powerful and pungent aroma, she has a mainly fruity and earthy taste.
CBD Auto Blackberry Kush is a truly beautiful plant to look at with bold dark Indica leaves and purple coloured buds. The colours in combination with the thick white layer of trichomes together provides great bag appeal.
It is a strong 'CBD-only' autoflower with a low THC percentage, below 1%. This makes her very suitable for both medical and recreational users who do not want a psychoactive high. She takes about 10-13 weeks from seed to harvest.
CBD Auto Blackberry Kush has a powerful aroma with mainly earthy and fruity notes, the taste is sweet and fruity with forest fruit flavours.
CBD Auto Blackberry Kush is an Indica dominant CBD-rich autoflower with a strong and pungent aroma. It is a unique blend of terpenes that can produce mainly earthy, fruity (berry) and sweet notes. Some phenotypes smell just a bit more like pine and citrus. Most of the plants smell very pungent with a fruity and earthy aroma with notes of blueberry, blackberry and raspberry.

In addition to the rich scent of dark berries, this Indica-dominant variety often produces plants with a deep purple and dark blue color. The taste is slightly more subtle than the smell and usually the more sweet fruity and earthy tones dominate. Enjoy growing this beautiful purple variety and the sweet, fruity Kush taste.

CBD Auto Blackberry Kush is a purple CBD autoflower variety with a low THC percentage and thick compact buds
CBD Auto Blackberry Kush is a purple CBD autoflower variety. This strain is loved for its beautiful purple buds that can have blue, purple, red and sometimes even black colours in the buds. These purple hues can also extend all the way to the leaves.

The buds become compact and quite thick. It is truly one of the most beautiful plants in our collection! Growers looking for a potent CBD autoflower, with a flavourful terpene profile, a high CBD level and a unique bag appeal should definitely give our CBD Auto Blackberry Kush a try!

What genetics are in CBD Auto Blackberry Kush exactly?
CBD Auto Blackberry Kush is a cross between our award-winning CBD Charlotte's Angel and Auto Blackberry Kush. The award-winning Blackberry Kush genetics give this CBD seed variety a wonderful taste and smell. These genetics also provides the beautiful purple colours in this variety.

After the success of our CBD Charlotte's Angel and CBD Auto Charlotte's Angel, the demand for an Indica dominant 'CBD-only' variety grew.

We couldn't think of a better parent than our Auto Blackberry Kush. This new cross produces more compact plants with very flamboyant colours that can produce purple, red and sometimes almost black (very dark purple) buds. CBD Auto Blackberry Kush is part of the Dutch Passion CBD Rich cannabis seed family.

CBD Auto Blackberry Kush is an easy to grow Indica dominant CBD rich autoflower. She has compact, frosty buds with a THC percentage below 1%
CBD Auto Blackberry Kush is a compact and fast Indica dominant CBD autoflower. This Indica is very resinous and grows from autoflower seed to harvest in an average of 11-12 weeks indoors. She does well with 20 hours of daily light and usually produces a large central bloom surrounded by numerous frosty side flowers.

The production of trichomes starts early in the flowering phase. The buds get a heavy resin layer and become very sticky. The smallest inner leaves, also called 'sugar leaves', are also completely full of resin.

CBD Auto Blackberry Kush is a compact Indica that does well in pots. Her compact plant structure makes her an ideal plant for natural cultivation. She also does well in a SOG setup, with several plants per m2. We do not recommend topping or fimming this plant. Just let nature do its thing and she will reward you with a fat main bloom and many compact side blooms. It's the perfect lady for small spaces.

CBD Auto Blackberry Kush can be grown even in the smallest growing rooms. Although she stays small and bushy, she produces a good yield.

Her compact buds are quite heavy and dense. Even a small bud makes for a well-filled joint. It is a strain that is easy to grow and therefore also suitable for novice growers. Give her good quality soil, preferably with organic nutrition, sufficient (sun) light and enough love and the rest will come naturally.

The plant structure can best be described as compact and small. The internode distance is short to medium. Both the branches and the leaves have a structure of a classic Indica, thick and stiff. The buds become round and compact. The leaf-to-flower ratio is favourable and makes harvest trimming easy and fast.

The genetics used for CBD Auto Blackberry Kush guarantee the following properties:

A compact Indica dominant CBD autoflower with a bushy plant structure and relatively fast flowering time, from autoflower cannabis seed to harvest in approximately between 10-13 weeks.
CBD Auto Blackberry Kush is a beautiful purple CBD-only cannabis strain and grows with a large central main bloom and many side branches. All the buds are bursting with sticky resin.
It is the ideal cannabis strain for growers who are looking for a small compact Indica with a high CBD level for indoor cultivation, on the balcony or in the garden.
CBD Auto Blackberry Kush is easy to grow and a very suitable cannabis plant even for beginners. Anyone can grow this plant and enjoy a delicious-smelling CBD harvest

Effects of CBD Auto Blackberry Kush
CBD Auto Blackberry Kush is a CBD-rich autoflowering cannabis seed variety with a THC level that is normally well below 1%. With such a low THC content, you will not experience a psychoactive high. This way you can enjoy your cannabis and then continue with your daily activities. The effect is very soothing and relaxing.

Due to the high CBD content, this strain gives you a real CBD 'buzz'. The effects differ from one person to the next. It is not psychoactive, but you still experience a feeling of physical and mental relaxation.

Due to her Indica genetics, this effect is slightly more physical than with our CBD Auto Charlotte's Angel. This makes her very suitable for lounging on the couch and relaxing while reading a book or watching a movie. Great for both medical and recreational users who don't want to get stoned but still want to experience the relaxed feeling of a cannabis high.

The flowering time of CBD Auto Blackberry Kush
CBD Auto Blackberry Kush has an average time from autoflower seed to harvest of about 11-12 weeks in optimal conditions. In most cases this is somewhere between 10 and a maximum of 13 weeks. Due to its hybrid genetics, this Indica dominant autoflower sometimes takes a little longer to fully ripen.

Especially if you like to harvest your plant with more amber trichomes, she will need about 12-13 weeks. There are also faster, very compact, phenotypes that are ready within 10 weeks. To do this, she must be grown in a stable climate.

This autoflower also does well in pots in the garden or on the balcony. Growing in greenhouses is generally not recommended, especially when there is no electricity in the greenhouse and good ventilation cannot be ensured. Due to the compactness of the buds, she can get into trouble more quickly in a greenhouse.

If you want to grow her outdoors in the ground, we recommend that you only do this during the best 3 summer months. Preferably in a dry and sunny Mediterranean climate, here several cycles per season are possible.

The yield of CBD Auto Blackberry Kush
CBD Auto Blackberry Kush is a high yielding CBD autoflowering strain. She has an XL yield despite being a relatively small and compact autoflower. The thick and heavy buds make up for the final weight. The quality of the buds certainly does not lie. The flowers are full of resin and she has a complex and penetrating terpene profile.

In general, you can get a yield of around 450g/m2 with this strain. When grown in a SOG setup, yields of even 500g/m2 are possible. A single plant will yield between 25-75g on average. The highest yields are possible on a hydro system and occasional plants yielding several hundred grams (dry weight) can be grown. Especially when powerful LED lighting is used.

Advice from our experts:
CBD Auto Blackberry Kush has a compact and bushy Indica structure. Would you prefer a plant that is as small as possible? Then we recommend growing her in a small pot of eg 1L to 4L. Instead of a 20/4 lighting schedule you can also choose an 18/6 or 16/8 lighting schedule. You should do this mainly during the vegetative (growth) phase. That is when the plant will grow and stretch. Once she's stopped stretching you can set her to a 20/4 cycle to ensure thicker flowers and higher yields.

Due to the compactness of the buds, she does not like rain. That's why we don't recommend growing her in the open ground in temperate climates, especially in places where it can rain a lot. Of course, this makes little difference during the growth phase, but at the end of flowering you can get bloom rot and fungus more quickly. It is therefore preferable to only grow this lady outside during the hottest and driest summer months and preferably place her in a pot.

Protect CBD Auto Blackberry Kush during extended periods of bad weather with lots of rain. A lean-to or roof can provide a solution.

Information about CBD Auto Blackberry Kush
If you're looking for a low-THC purple cannabis variety that won't get you high, this is a perfect strain for you. She is easy to grow with any growing system or grow medium. She is the ideal strain for the novice grower looking for an autoflower with a very high CBD content and a non-psychoactive high.

GenotypeIndica Auto
Life Cycle80-90 days
FlavorSweet fruit
Way of croppingInd/Out
Production450 g/m2 Indoor | 25-75 g/pl Outdoor
SexFem Auto
LineageCBD Chalotte's Angel x Auto Blackberry Kush
Medicinal ValueVery high

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