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Speedy Boom Auto

Speedy Boom Auto - KANNABIA

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This variety is a real ‘Pure Bred’. Proceeding from one of the best-known lineages to the growers from our catalogue, La Reina de África, Speedy is a genuine and exclusive 100% autoflowering cross. Try this variety that stands out for its intense and hot flavour in combustion.

Your nose will itch... This autoflowering seed has a high psychoactive level. Speedy has a fir structure ending in thin leaves with serrate edges and little internodal distance. You will achieve optimum performance in all growing conditions. This is a very versatile plant used to dry climates. It is recommended for both indoor and outdoor growing, however the plant will show all its power indoors. Long central buds with flowers that compact and become like stones, if you reduce the photoperiod hours during the last flowering weeks.

GenotypeMostly Sativa
Maturation(Interior)from 60 to 70 days
Maturation(Exterior)Automatic (60-72 days)
FlavorCitric fruit
Way of croppingInd/Out
Production400 gr/m2 Indoor | 180 gr/pl Outdoor
SexFem Auto
LineageKaboom x Rudelaris

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Бородач (17/02/2018)
Урожайность-ДА.Аромат -не фрукты.скорее дорогой мужской одекалон. Кайф-бодряк и обезбаливание это ДА,но не эйфория ! Мыслю стимулирует и не обломный ! Нужна обязательная пролечка морозом,дерет горло и сильно повышает ритм сердца(пролечка все исправила). Понравился,но больше не возьму
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